Weixin Luo
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About me

I am now working at Meituan. I received my Ph.D. degree from ShanghaiTech University in 2020, supervised by Shenghua Gao. I worked with Yong Jae Lee at University of California, Davis. I received my BEng. Degree from Shenzhen University in 2015.

Recent News

    [2023-02] One paper was accepted by CVPR 2023.
    [2022-10] We rank No.1 on the ScanRefer Challenge at ECCV 2022.
    [2022-10] We rank No.2 (DanceTrack) on the MOTComplex Challenge at ECCV 2022.
    [2022-03] One paper was accepted by CVPR 2022.
    [2021-11] One paper was accepted by AAAI 2022.

Selected Publications

Weakly Supervised Video Representation Learning with Unaligned Text for Sequential Videos
Sixun Dong, Huazhang Hu, Dongze Lian, Weixin Luo, Yicheng Qian, Shenghua Gao
CVPR 2023 / code
HAM: Hierarchical Attention Model with High Performance for 3D Visual Grounding
Jiaming Chen*, Weixin Luo*, Xiaolin Wei, Lin Ma, Wei Zhang
Arxiv 2022 / code
A Circular Window-based Cascade Transformer for Online Action Detection
Shuqiang Cao*, Weixin Luo*, Bairui Wang, Wei Zhang, Lin Ma
Arxiv 2022
SVIP: Sequence VerIfication for Procedures in Videos
Yicheng Qian, Weixin Luo, Dongze Lian, Xu Tang, Peilin Zhao, Shenghua Gao
CVPR 2022 / code
Future Frame Prediction Network for Video Anomaly Detection
Weixin Luo*, Wen Liu*, Dongze Lian, Shenghua Gao
TPAMI 2021
Locating and Counting Heads in Crowds With a Depth Prior
Dongze Lian, Xianing Chen, Jing Li, Weixin Luo, Shenghua Gao
TPAMI 2021 / code
SIRI: Spatial Relation Induced Network For Spatial Description Resolution
Peiyao Wang*, Weixin Luo*, Yanyu Xu, Haojie Li, Shugong Xu, Jianyu Yang, Shenghua Gao
NeurIPS 2020
Password-conditioned Anonymization and Deanonymization with Face Identity Transformers
Xiuye Gu, Weixin Luo, Michael S. Ryoo, Yong Jae Lee
ECCV 2020 / code
Video Anomaly Detection with Sparse Coding Inspired Deep Neural Networks
Weixin Luo*, Wen Liu*, Dongze Lian, Jinhui Tang, Lixin Duan, Xi Peng, Shenghua Gao
TPAMI 2019 (sci highly cited paper) / code
Large Margin Video Anomaly Detection with A Few Anomalies
Wen Liu*, Weixin Luo*, Shenghua Gao.
IJCAI 2019 / code
Density Map Regression Guided Detection Network for RGB-D Crowd Counting and Localization
Dongze Lian, Jing Li, Jia Zheng, Weixin Luo, Shenghua Gao
CVPR 2019
RGBD Based Gaze Estimation via Multi-task CNN
Dongze Lian, Ziheng Zhang, Weixin Luo, lina hu, Minye Wu, Zechao Li, Jingyi Yu, Shenghua Gao.
AAAI 2019
Future Frame Prediction for Anomaly Detection – A New Baseline
Wen Liu*, Weixin Luo*, Shenghua Gao.
CVPR 2018 / code
Face Aging with Identity-Preserved Conditional Generative Adversarial Network
Zongwei Wang, Xu Tang, Weixin Luo, Shenghua Gao.
CVPR 2018 / code
Multi-view Multi-task Gaze Prediction with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.
Dongze Lian, Shenghua Gao, Lina Hu, Weixin Luo, Yanyu Xu, Lixin Duan, Jingyi Yu.
TNNLS 2018
Remembering History with Convolutional LSTM for Anomaly Detection
Weixin Luo*, Wen Liu*, Shenghua Gao.
ICME 2017 (oral)/ code

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